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Two Top Ten Lists For the Price of One Click!

Hi, dear readers. Here are the two top ten posts of 2020. The first is based solely on how many people each one. The second list is those I like best, eliminating any overlap. I’m taking a break for the rest of the month. Safe holidays to all!

Top Ten Posts of 2020 By Popularity

  1. Murphy Reverses DOE School Reopening Guidance: Parents Can Choose All-Remote Instruction.
  2. Breaking News: Murphy Announces New Guidance for School Reopenings”
  3. New Jersey DOE Adds Anal Sex to Its Learning Standards for Eighth-Graders” (really, people?)
  4. Follow the Money All the Way to Lakewood; Or, Kneel to the Vaad(originally published in 2017 but some things never get old.)
  5. Breaking News: Six Rumors From NJ Education Department Include Extended School Closures, Lack of Guidance, and Mandatory Furloughs.
  6. “Murphy’s School Reopening Plan Will Open Pandora’s Box, Say New Jersey Superintendents”
  7. “Leaked Email from Lakewood: School’s Open!
  8. “Asbury Park High School Student Brings Loaded Gun to School; Community and Staff Kept in the Dark.
  9. School Leaders Ignore Murphy and DOE Mandates. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.
  10. Murphy Flip-Flops on School Reopenings. Here’s the Backstory.”

Laura’s Top Ten Posts of 2020, Disregarding Popularity

  1. How the New Jersey Department of Education Went From Technology Leader to Technology Laggard”
  2. “A Tale of Two Cities: Remote Instruction in Princeton and Trenton”
  3. What Happens When a Beloved Newark Charter School Is Threatened with Eviction? Ask Emma and Her Mom.”
  4. “After a Decade of Opposing Voucher Programs, I’m Wondering If I Was Wrong”
  5. “Unlike Most Parents, We Want To Outlive Our Children.”
  6. “The King Is Dead, Long Live the King: What Does Repollet’s Departure Mean for New Jersey’s Education Department?”
  7. “Cancel Culture in Newark: Superintendent Ignores Parent Voices and Demands Closure of Charters.”
  8. You Can Hate Trump And Support School Choice
  9. “Okay, Boomer: Why Mark Weber’s Argument Won’t Convince Millennials and Gen Z’ers To Become Teachers”
  10. Who Keeps Students and Staff Safe at Asbury Park? A Behind-the-Scenes Look at What Parents Don’t Know.”

Laura Waters

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