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LILLEY: NJEA Leaders Boast About Their Pay-To-Play Relationship with Gov. Murphy

As our readers are well aware, Sunlight’s mission is to shine a light on the special-interest-domination of New Jersey’s political system, led by the most powerful special interest of them all, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). Sunlight has also highlighted Gov. Murphy’s strong and unbending ties to the NJEA: the NJEA supports Murphy’s campaigns with millions of dollars of members’ dues and Murphy shapes his policies to suit the NJEA. Quid. Pro. Quo.

But now the NJEA is basically making Sunlight’s case in its own words! In the NJEA’s most recent monthly magazine, here are some choice quotes regarding Murphy’s FY2023 budget address:

  • “As he has done with every budget since first being elected, [Murphy] demonstrated his commitment to NJEA members”
  • “A pro-education budget like this does not happen by mere luck.”
  • “The governor credited the work of NJEA members to reelect him as a major factor in his win.”
  • “ [NJEA] has pulled out a weapon maybe more important than cash: feet on the ground… Of some 203,000 dues-paying members of the NJEA … it seems most have been on the street at some point this fall.” (Quoting NJSpotlight.)
  • “It is not hard to imagine how different the budget address would have been had Murphy’s opponent won.”
  • “Elections have consequences, and in the governor’s budget address we saw how good this consequences can be when we come together and successfully support the candidates who earn our endorsement.”

There you have it: the quid pro quo relationship between our governor and New Jersey’s most powerful special interest – all in the NJEA’s own words. While average New Jersey citizens would find such a cozy relationship concerning, it is a matter of unabashed pride for the NJEA.

As Sunlight has said many times, and now as the NJEA proudly boasts, New Jersey under Gov. Murphy: by and for the special interests.

Michael Lilley, Sunlight Policy Center

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