LILLEY: NJEA Forks Over Cash While Teachers Get Ignored

Some things never change. Teachers and New Jersey citizens are being scammed again. revealed that the NJEA has contributed $750,000 to a Stronger Fairer Forward (SFF), a dark money Super PAC supporting Gov. Murphy run for president. This is a continuation of the role the NJEA played in Murphy’s 2021 re-election. During Murphy’s first term, the NJEA contributed $10.5 million to New Direction New Jersey (NDNJ), a Super PAC that supported Murphy’s (and the NJEA’s) agenda. So New Jersey’s most powerful special interest continues to pump money into the political ambitions of its favorite politician.

Murphy also wanted to keep the NJEA’s contribution a secret, just as he did with NDNJ until Sunlight exposed the NJEA’s contributions. That’s why both SFF and NDNJ are registered as dark money Super PACs. Because if New Jersey citizens really knew what was going on, they would correctly conclude that Murphy is running the state for the benefit of his special interest pals and himself. And they would see Murphy’s numerous quid pro quos as effectively the “pay to play” that they are.

Finally, once again, the NJEA is using regular teachers’ dues for massive political spending for, once again, a Democrat. reported that the contribution to Murphy was made via Garden State Forward, the NJEA’s Super PAC, which is entirely funded by teachers’ highest-in-the-nation dues. Teachers have no say in the matter. Too bad if a teacher is non-political or a Republican.

What a scam: teachers’ highest-in-the-nation dues are once again being used secretly to fund Murphy’s political ambitions.

Michael Lilley, Sunlight Policy Center

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