Quote of the Day

Mickey Kaus of Slate on school officials in Los Angeles Unified School District trying desperately to overturn State laws and union intractability that make it

Another Call for November Elections

Star-Ledger on the pitiful turnout for school board elections on Tuesday: What do the results mean? It’s hard to draw any general conclusions, especially when

Will Duncan Deliver?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan had an editorial in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that lays to rest any concern that he’s going to get

Anyone Wanna Try November?

School district budget election results are in and, on balance, most districts did better than they feared. (Here’s a run-down from the Star-Ledger.) Since school

From the Lips of Bob Ingle…

Home rule is a myth: It’s election day in New Jersey. On the ballot — 548 school district budgets; 1,600 school board positions; 11 districts

Honors Students Failing HSPA’s?

Here’s a shocker. The Asbury Park Press’s Diane D’Amico reports that most kids who took the Special Review Assessment, an alternative test given to those

Quote of the Day

Every state and every region in the country is stuck with some form of anachronistic and expensive local government structure that dates to horse-drawn wagons,

Special Review Assessment Denial

Reverend Reginald T. Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Ministers’ Council of New Jersey, testified before the State Board of Education last week and expressed

High Anxiety: School Board Elections Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day for school board candidates and 550 school district budgets. Dire predictions abound, as school budgets are the only arena for tax-tired