Quote of the Day

“We’re trying to come up with a new way to distribute educational dollars not based on zip codes.” Governor Jon Corzine at a budget forum

Quote of the Day

I have had the opportunity to attend several events over the last few weeks and hear what various DOE officials and legislators are saying and

New Jersey’s Math War

Here’s a piece from the Star-Ledger on New Jersey’s “math wars,” the pedagogical conflict between those who advocate reform math and those who promote traditional

Public Weighs in on Staff Costs

Here’s a new twist. As New Jersey’s ire grows towards teacher and staff recession-proof salaries increases and contribution-free benefits, residents are speaking up. The Trenton

Sunday Leftovers

All Budget All the Time: School district budgets are the focus of much media this week, with many districts slashing programs and laying off staff

Pension Fund Shenanigans

This week’s missive from the D.O.E. telling school districts that they could skip their payments to the Teachers Pension Fund (see here) is almost moot.

Quote of the Day II

The entrenched system of home rule in our state is both a blessing and a curse. We simultaneously have the Jeffersonian ideal of hands-on government,

Consolidation Consensus? Not So Much…

Is school district consolidation efficient or inefficient? Today’s papers give us both sides of the argument. First, the Asbury Park Press reports on a panel