Newark Union Prez on Teacher Quality

“It’s very easy to blame the sinking of the Titanic on the captain, but I would think the crew had something to do with it,

Newark and Ed Reform

For an example of the strange alliances begot by education reform, check this out: the hoary American Civil Liberties Union and the Newark-based Secondary Parent

LIFO in Action

NJ Spotlight reports on Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson’s transition, particularly in regards to using previously excessed teachers from Newark’s own rubber room. Sometimes teachers are

Newark’s Dancing Lemons

Today’s Wall Street Journal looks at the “dance of the lemons” in Newark. Last year Newark Public Schools received a $5 million Federal SIG (School

“Really Bad Learning Outcomes”

Megan McCardle at The Atlantic wonders about the cries of woe from middle-class parents, teacher unions, and other foes of high-stakes testing. She concludes that

Quote of the Day

If selling [education] reform is like selling a car, you can’t get people to buy it by showing them a list of features. They have

In other Newark News,

Final votes for candidates for the Newark School Board Advisory Committee have been tallied. Of the three available seats, two were won by candidates backed

Quote of the Day

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has selected Cami Anderson, a top New York City schools official, to lead the state-run Newark Public School system, according

Charter School Stories

Here’s the scenario: 120 parents waited in line, some for twenty-four hours, to secure a spot for their children in a higher-achieving school in a

Newark Superintendent Update

The search for a new superintendent for Newark is in its final stages as the pool has been winnowed down to two candidates: Cami Anderson,