Sunday Leftovers

Education Law Center Gets Another Loss in Their Column: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 5-0 on Thursday that the D.O.E. does not have to

Abbott Obsolescence

The Star-Ledger Editorial Page is applauding Judge Peter E. Doyne’s decision that the Supreme Court’s 1990 decision Abbott vs. Burke II is obsolete. Here’s the

SFRA v. Abbott Highlights

The full text of the Court’s decision is here for you stalwarts, but here’s a Cliff Notes version: Judge Peter Doyne, quoting from Abbott II,

New Spending Guide Released

Commissioner Lucille Davy today released the 2009 Comparative Spending Guide, the DOE’s annual statistical report that details local school spending and ranks districts based on

Abbott’s Law

The Philadelphia Inquirer just reported that the NJ DOE has bowed to pressure and agreed to eliminate Algebra II from the list of new high

Ocean County Consolidation meets the DOE

Bruce Greenfield, Ocean County Executive Superintendent, seems way ahead of the curve on his marching orders to offer consolidation proposals to the DOE. According to

With One Hand Corzine Giveth…

Was the headline writer for the New York Times having some fun when he titled John Mooney’s piece on Sunday, “Dozens of Schools to Benefit

Corzine’s Hat Trick

Given the complexity of this economic situation, any increase at all is a victory. We are very, very fortunate that the governor has made education

Oops, They Did It Again

The DOE, that is. In yet another example of overreaching and/or lack of due diligence, the new regulations issued as Fiscal Accountablility, Efficiency and Budgeting

Whose Achievement Gap?

A Star-Ledger editorial today pans the DOE’s new high school graduation requirements: Education Commissioner Lucille Davy insists all children are born with the ability to