NJ’s Field of Dreams

A piece in the Gloucester County Times surveys three districts in regard to the newly rigorous high school requirements: Washington, which boasts a 97% graduation

A Modest Preschool Proposal

Yesterday’s New Jersey section of the New York Times features an article by John Mooney regarding public preschools, with his focus on the uncertainty surrounding

Abbott v. SFRA

NorthJersey reports on the pending close of the School Funding Reform Act hearings in Superior Court. Underway for the last three weeks, Judge Peter Doyne

Abbott vs. SFRA

The Asbury Park Press has a well-reasoned editorial today on why Corzine should reverse his preschool plans right now. This past Spring Corzine announced to

Sunday Leftovers

More School Cuts: With State revenues down substantially – 7% in most categories – Corzine is including mid-year cuts in his budget address on March

Princeton Prefers Not To

As local school districts confront the DOE’s efficiency formulas which dictate how much we should be spending on everything from transportation to informational pamphlets, look

Salvaging the DOE

As the new data from the N.J. State Report Cards makes the rounds, the DOE is caught in the unenviable position of defending uneven test

Who’s Partially Proficient?

The N.J. School Report Card data came out today and it’s a bit sobering. We’re sure there’ll be some punchy spin from Lucille Davy and

High School Redesign Undermined

New Jersey’s High School Redesign Steering Committee recently issued a set of newly rigorous requirements for public school diplomas. This effort is part of Corzine

The Merger Macarena

As districts face the music generated by the DOE’s mandate on school consolidation, a predictable pattern is emerging: first, murmur agreeably about potential efficiencies and,