Davy Does the Numbers

Twenty-five percent of New Jersey’s third and fourth graders will fail the state tests on math and language arts for 2009. That’s the estimate Education

Corzine and Christie on School Choice

In Steve Adubato’s piece “No Magic Bullet for Urban Schools,” he says that public education will be a major issue in the race between Christie

Flipping the Bird to the Supreme Court

An organization called Our Children/Our Schools, which describes itself as “a statewide education justice campaign whose membership includes education, children’s advocacy and civil rights organizations,”

Davy Blooper

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced today in Newark that New Jersey will receive $891 million in federal stimulus funding. According to the Associated Press, New

Pre-School: Has S.F.R.A. Already Imploded?

The Record reports today that Corzine’s whole preschool expansion plan is “on hold, with no funds for new classes included in next year’s recession-crunched budget.”

“The Cartel”: NJEA Goes Hollywood

Not sure it’s Oscar buzz, but it sure sounds like the new movie “The Cartel” is putting N..J.’s educational establishment on the defensive. Word is